vision & mission
The mission is to accomplish this vision maintaining the pulse of democracy, the multi-cultural solidarity and the national integrity that drives India.

Dr. Veerappa Moily envisions the nation as a torchbearer amongst her peers. His efforts are driven to ensure empowerment of each individual citizen, giving them education, helping them through economic alleviation, enhancing use of technology and helping all in sharing the common vision for India's prosperity and international acclaim. The cornerstone of his vision is to contribute to the fulfilment of a leader's role in ensuring that citizens have access to proper irrigation technology, agricultural tools for improvement, proper infrastructure to cater to the needs of the populace and quality education at primary and post-conventional ages to strive for a stronger, enlightened democratic republic in the subcontinent.

In a nation home to over 2 billion of the world’s intelligent minds and passionate hearts, Dr. Moily's mission has been driven to cater to the deserving common man. He has striven to provide the working man with a better quality of life and has channelized his passion for the benefit of his brethren and his motherland. Dr. Veerappa Moily is a true nationalist, who is working for a dream of a better future for the coming generations, a present that is worthy of pride and at the same time harbouring honour and respect for the rich past that lies as treasure in the nation’s memories.

Dr. Veerappa Moily believes in the power of the nation. He is confident of the strength of perseverance, dedication and discipline of its citizens. His vision is for the betterment of the country. His aspirations are of an India wherein the common-man's dreams are realized. A country of education, cultural heritage, social diversity, striding advancements in science and technology, is the future that Dr. Moily envisions for India, where green fields pay tribute to the rich fertile soil, rivulets and lakes of pure water satiate the thirst of the nation, and the veins of civilization throb withencouragement and motivation of young, passionate blood. The dream is of restoring to India the rich magnificence that history has allotted her, to strive in the direction that innumerable freedom fighters lay down their lives for. The dream is where all reside in harmony, shoulder-to-shoulder, carrying forward the nation to a pinnacle of success and jubilation.
Personal Life
Dr. Veerappa Moily was born in Marpadi Village, Moodbidri, Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka. Find out more...
Career Background
Dr. Veerappa Moily did his B.A. from Government College, Mangalore, and his B.L. from University Law College, Bengaluru. He is presently the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India. Find out more...
Political Career
Dr. Moily was elected to the Karnataka Legislative assembly from Karkala in 1972. He acted as the Chief Minister of Karnataka during 1992-1994 and became a Member of the Parliament in 2009. Find out more...