Infrastructure & development
Rural and Urban Development and Infrastructure
He formulated and implemented various drinking water schemes, employment guarantee schemes, and housing schemes. Schemes to provide nutritious food, milk, uniforms and books to the poor primary school students came into force during his tenure as Chief Minister.
During his tenure as the Minister of State for Small Scale industries (1974-77) the Karnataka Handloom Development Corporation (1975), the Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation, Leather Industry Development Corporation (Lidkar) and the Karnataka State Electronic Development Corporation (KEONICS) came to be established.
He established the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance to formulate and appraise infrastructure development projects, mobilization of funds from different sources, implementation of urban infrastructure projects, and capacity building/training on urban development issues.
He initiated various projects such as the International Airport in Bangalore, International Convention Centre, Konkan Railway, and National Games in Bangalore. It is largely due to his pioneering efforts in establishment of Electronic City and International Technological Park launched in Karnataka that Bangalore today is considered as the Silicon Valley of India.
He sanctioned and implemented the Rs. 1200 crores ADB aid programme for the coastal region of Karnataka.
He also encouraged the setting up of a number of major industries like Vijayanagar Jindal Plant, Mangalore Oil Refinery etc.
Achievements - Economy
He has served as the Finance Minister of Karnataka for 6 terms and has chaired some highly successful economic reforms commissions. Find out more...
Achievements - Irrigation & Power
He mobilised large amounts of funds to maximise the irrigation potential of Karnataka. Find out more...
Achievements - Education
He is the Chief Architect of the new Common Entrance Test (CET) system for admission to professional colleges. He has also established six universities in Karnataka. Find out more...